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Building Modular Homes in and Around Gallipolis, OH

When you need a home builder and new home construction in Gallipolis, OH, and the surrounding areas, come to French City Homes. Family-owned and operated since 1969, French City Homes puts the customer first. Whether it is customizing a new modular home or dispatching a full-time service to existing clients, we provide quality service. For more information, call our office at (740) 446-9340 or contact us online. We are proud to offer the following homes and services:

Our Contractors Simplify the Process of New Home Construction

With our experience, we have learned to simplify new home construction. French City Homes understands the many variables to find your new home for your family. We are confident that your new home will meet your budget and needs. Give us a call today to get your new home construction project started.

French City Homes Asks:
Why Modular Homes?

Here at French City Homes, we understand why modular homes work for many people. Here is a list of what makes modular homes so popular:

  • Affordable
  • Full Warranty
  • Full-Time Service Division
  • Fully Customizable
  • Super Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly

Proudly Serving Gallipolis, OH, and Surrounding Areas

At French City Homes, our home builders take great pride in serving clients in Gallipolis, OH, and beyond. We will travel within one-hour and 30 minutes of the following locations:

Contact French City Homes in Gallipolis, OH, when you need a home builder and new home construction.